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Global Education "Otherwise"

Through a rich experiential learning program combining intellectual, ecological and relational educational experiments, we will focus on conversations about the education of educators and the creation of learning spaces and tools where both teachers and pupils feel confident to


1.) develop more complex analyses of global issues 

2.) engage with uncertainty and multiple perspectives

3.) become more aware of how we are part of the problem and the solutions to global issues

4.) expand frames of reference, recognising contributions from different knowledge systems

5.) engage from theory to practice and practice to theory

6.) open our social and ecological imaginations, to imagine different futures

7.) build deeper relationships with historically marginalised people and communities

8.) re-ignite our sense of connectedness and responsibility towards each other and our planet


During the first part of the retreat, we will focus on learning experiments related to the Earth CARE justice framework. The specific program in the second part of the retreat will be collectively negotiated according to the specific needs of the group.

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