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Open Summer Program 2018

Education and/for Social Innovation :

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures


based on the work of the “Decolonial Futures” collective


30 July to 3 August 2018 (arrival on 29 July)

In this experiential and intellectual living /learning space participants will explore the edges of their ideas/prototypes for social change and unlock “adjacent possibilities” in their own contexts of practice.


We envisage this as a space where everyone can


  • step back, look at the bigger picture and “dig deeper”

  • be sensitized to different understandings and experiences of wellbeing, fairness and global justice

  • clarify, test and unpack assumptions and the implications of ideas without fear of judgment

  • acquire/develop languages/vocabularies to name and productively host tensions, conflict, and paradoxes

  • form relationships not mediated by knowledge, identity or understanding

  • engage with difficult questions without relationships falling apart

  • become comfortable with improvisation and the discomfort of facing fears, contradictions and projections

  • find peace and strength in vulnerability





Through symbolic, embodied, intellectual, sensorial and dream work,  this program will engage participants in learning experiments and inquiries that can mobilize practices of being, belonging, and imagination that gesture beyond the language and limits of modernity. 

In preparation, participants are encouraged to read the pedagogical and cartographic experiments available at: 

Participants are expected to arrive on 29 July in Podlehnik, Slovenia. The program will start at 9 am and finish at 6 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at 10 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. A visit to the Pachamama center and lake is planned for Friday, 3 August.




Participants have the option to stay at the Majolka hotel and restaurant  or to camp on site. At the Majolka hotel, half-board accommodation (breakfast and dinner included) is around EUR40 per day (less if 4 or more people share a room, reserve at, mention “Gorca Group”). Participants will be picked up at 8:30 am every day by our Gomulka (old van) and returned to the hotel at the end of the day. For those who prefer camping, our reciprocal arrangement involves 2 hours of volunteer work + EUR12 a day for food that is collectively prepared.




We have a sliding scale for contributions/fees related to annual income:

If you earn up to €12000 a year, your course fee is                                    €100

If you earn from €12000 to €24000 a year, your course fee is                 €250

If you earn more than €24000 a year, your course fee is                          €450

(this includes a vegetarian lunch and snacks during the day)




We recommend either Graz, Ljubljana, Zagreb (all 1.5 hours from Gorca), Vienna or Venice (3.5 hours from Gorca) as airports, and go-opti as airport transfer (around EUR80 return if booked in advance, see The address of the hotel is Jurovci 1b, 2284 Videm pri Ptuju, if you are going to camp, the address is 80, Gorca.


           Pre-Registration (deadline 15 June)

Please fill this form to pre-register. You will be contacted shortly after with further instructions for preparation and payment.

By registering for the event you consent to be contacted by the Zavod (NGO) EarthCARE Gorca for organizational purposes. Your personal information will not be forwarded to any third party and you may request to have your data removed from our records by contacting us at

Thanks! Pre-registration sent.

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