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Summer Residency 2018


10  22 August 2018 

This is a self-organized residency where people build relationships, rest, share their work, experiment and co-create together. Those who have visited Gorca before are invited to join the residency.



The program for this residency is collectively crafted. The scheduled activities will be communicated every day according to what is on offer. All other activities (cooking, cleaning, supporting the local community) will also be shared and communicated on site.




Participants have the option to camp on site (there are dry toilets and a shower), there are also limited spaces in the house for those who cannot camp (collective space for sleeping, please bring a sleeping bag and insulation mat). Participants are asked to contribute EUR12 per day for food + 2 hours of volunteer work. We will not be able to use the museum as a sleeping space this year.


There is also the option to stay at the  Majolka hotel: half-board accommodation (breakfast and dinner included) is around EUR40 per day (less if 4 or more people share a room, reserve at




We recommend either Graz, Ljubljana, Zagreb (all 1.5 hours from Gorca), Vienna or Venice (3.5 hours from Gorca) as airports, and go-opti as airport transfer (around EUR80 return if booked in advance, see The address is 80, Gorca.



By registering for the event you consent to be contacted by the Zavod (NGO) EarthCARE Gorca for organizational purposes. Your personal information will not be forwarded to any third party and you may request to have your data removed from our records by contacting us at

Thanks! Pre-registration sent.

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